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King's Day 

Where: Amsterdam
When: 27th April 2017 

King’s Day is an all-day, city-wide street party and is the annual Dutch national holiday in honour of King Willem-Alexander. This is the world’s largest street party – expect street food markets, DJs, music performances and lots of dancing!

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Where: Berlin 
When: 2nd - 5th June 2017

Karneval der Kulturen, also known as Carnival of Cultures is a four-day urban festival that attracts many from around the world. You can expect performances from music and dance groups, world-renowned bands and artists and parades!

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Berlin International Literature Festival

Where: Berlin
When: 6th - 16th June 2017

Berlin International Literature Festival is an annual event focusing on new developments in prose and poetry from contemporary authors from all over the world. Single admission rates vary, but Day Passes can be purchased for 18EUROS. 

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Sziget Festival


Where: Leipzig, Germany
When: 9th - 18th June 2017

Bach festival is a festival held to commemorate the memory of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. This festival features unique concert experiences in Leipzigs’ churches and atmospheric open air concerts on the market square. 

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Where: Munich
When: 21st June - 16th July 2017

For 26 days during the summer, Tollwood invites locals and visitors to the Olympiapark to experience the fascinating theatre and performance groups or just to stroll over the colourful “Market of Ideas”.

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Fete Des Tuileries

Where: Paris
When: June - August 2017 

Enjoy the traditional rides during this two-month period. You can expect 60 attractions and rides, including bumper cars, ghost trains and wooden carrousel horses! This is a family favourite enjoyed by all!

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Bastille Day

Where: Paris
When: 14th July 2017

Bastille day is a huge celebratory event held in Paris. This is a not-to-be-missed festival where you will experience exceptional events, military parades, evenings filled with dancing and incredible firework displays! There is always something happening morning to night. 

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Kölner Lichter

Where: Cologne
When: 15th July 2017

This is Germany's biggest high-altitude fireworks display and will transform the city into a breath-taking ocean of colours. The impressive display is synchronised with music and illuminates the Rhine and old town in a colourful sea of lights and sparklers. 

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Classic Open Air

Where: Berlin
When: 20th - 25th July 2017

Visit Berlin from 20-25th July and be delighted by the musical treats of ‘Classic Open Air’, six unique concert evenings in one of Europe’s most fascinating squares, the historic Gendarmenmarkt. 

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Where: Frankfurt
When: 25-27th July 2017

‘Museumsuferfest’, or ‘Museum Embankment Festival’, is Europe’s largest cultural festival featuring countless arts and crafts stalls, music performances and culinary highlights from around the world!

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La Tomatina

Where: Bunol
When: 30th August 2017

Known as the ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’, thousands of people gather together to enjoy this one day event where more than one hundred tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets.

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Where: Munich
When: 16th September - 3rd October 2017

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and travelling funfair and is held annually in Munich, Germany. More than 6 million people from around the world travel to Munich to attend the 18 day-long festival.

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