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If you're a frequent Eurolines traveller, or if you just fancy exploring Europe, take advantage of our Discount Card and save 25% on your travel.

The Discount Card allows you 25% off the following fare types:

  • Standard
  • Flexible
  • Peak

Depending on how often you will be travelling with Eurolines there's a choice of Discount Cards:

  • Three month card: £23.00
  • Six month card: £43.00

Buying your Discount Card

Buying your Eurolines Discount Card is easy. Simply visit your local Eurolines office and you'll get a 25% discount every time you travel for the duration of the card!


Things you should know

1. The discount is available on any routes within or between the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • UK

2. Each customer must have their own card to receive a discount.

3. The discount is only available when booked in person.

4. The discount does not apply to the £5 booking fee.

5. The discount is not available in conjunction with 10 Day Advance Purchase (Promo) fares, FunFares Eurolines Passes (15 and 30 day), Promo fares or Mini Passes.

6. Cards are non-refundable.